About Me

Guitta Martha was born in Brazil in 1983, in the capital city of Rio Grande do Sul, Porto Alegre. She grew up in the city of Criciuma, in southern Santa Catarina. Guitta earned a degree in Administration with an emphasis in Marketing at FASC, Associated Colleges of Santa Catarina. During her professional career in Brazil, she held management positions in a number of large companies, where she excelled achieving results through client focused marketing strategies. In 2013 Guitta began her career as a realtor , where she has assisted clients of diverse backgrounds in finding their perfect home in South Florida. In addition, Guitta has worked with numerous investors to uncover opportunities in the South Florida real estate market to maximize returns. Whether searching for a home or an investment opportunity, Guitta is committed to finding the ideal opportunity for her clients through her dedication to diligence, professionalism and ethical service. She utilizes proven successful marketing techniques in South Florida for Brazilian and American clients.

What I Love About Miami