Miami is a sellers market right now. Real Estate prices have increased in double digits over the last two years.

Due to high demand and expansion, the city is growing fast and new construction plans are impressive. Most neighborhoods are expanding extremely fast.

The Purchasing Process: After you’ve selected the property

Your Home61 Agent will draw an offer with your offering price and sends it to the seller through his listing Agent if applicable

If the seller counter, your Home61 Agent will present you with the counter offer which you can then counter or accept. If you counter, the same process starts again until you and the buyer reach an agreement. Your home61 agent will take care of all that process for you keeping you informed at every step.

Once both parties accept the offer, that offer is binding for both parties. The seller will send us a contract.

At this point your Home61 agent will assist you on the contract for you to sign. Home61 can also redirect you to a trusted Real Estate lawyer to assist you.