Miami is the fastest growing city in the US. It’s beaches, restaurants, night clubs, parks, outdoor activities and all year round sun as made Miami the number one destination for domestic, south-Americans and European.

With so much to do and enjoy in this city, it's no surprise that housing is in high demand. We’ve created this rental guide so you can learn about renting in Miami and prepare to find your new home.

When to start looking
Since house, condo or apartments generally become available about one or two months before the lease start date, you'll likely find the most availability when looking a month in advance. Starting your research even earlier will enable you to familiarize yourself with the market and the kinds of homes that meet your criteria before you visit in person.

Especially if you’re new to Miami, you may want to start familiarizing yourself with different areas. We’ve created a series of Neighborhood Guides to help you figure out what neighborhood is right for you and provide some tips on each area.