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When you apply to an apartment, you’ll pay a nonrefundable application fee, usually $50-200 that covers the cost of processing the application and running a credit check when needed. That fee can vary whether you are foreign or domestic.

Your landlord or broker will also typically require an additional deposit, which is only refundable if the application is not approved. If you are approved, this deposit will be applied towards either your broker’s fee or first month’s rent.

Broker's Fees:
Miami brokers charge 10% of your first year's rent as their broker’s fee.
Landlords cover broker’s fees on behalf of tenants.

Payments at lease signing, in the form of certified check or money order, typically include:

First month and last month rent
Security deposit equal to 1-2 months’ rent
Brokers fee if applicable
Security deposit: The landlord takes this payment to protect against any damage done by the tenant over the course of the lease. If there is no damage beyond normal wear and tear of the apartment, the landlord will refund your deposit after you move out.

In Florida, every lease contract must attach a signed version of the Florida and Residential Landlord and Tenant Act.
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